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As a local accountant I need trusted professionals to refer to my clients that need financial help, and Wanda is on my list. We’ve been working together for 8 years. Wanda is thorough in her process and what really stands out is she’ll always act in the best interest of her clients.


Accountant, North West Sydney

Wanda is part of my professional network of referral partners and I trust her to support my clients. I met her 4 years ago when she was handling a loan for a client and I was impressed. It was one of the smoothest processes I had ever experienced and this led me to want to work with her. She is professional and gives quality advice.


Law Firm, Sydney

We've been working with Wanda for over 7 years, she always went way above and beyond our expectations and helped us with her knowledge and experience through multiple purchases. It's more than customer broker relationship, she is so kind that we've been friends ever since and we absolutely love seeing her.

Hooman Goodarz

Sydney, NSW

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